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May 7, 2014 | Anonymous | Bardonia, NY

Personal Injury Results Obtained by Our
Rockland County jury Lawyer

Bronx County nursing home attorney Jeffrey M. Adams is dedicated to a simple mission: To protect and promote the rights of the injured. His main areas of practice include nursing home negligence and personal injury cases, including but not limited to car accidents, construction accidents and injuries resulting from medical malpractice.

If you have sustained a serious personal injury as the result of another person or entity’s negligence, contact our firm to have your questions answered. We offer free consultations and have offices conveniently located in Bardonia, Bronx and New York City.

Below is just a sample of the results obtained by Jeffrey M. Adams:

Paraplegic, Settlement, $3,350,000.00
14-year-old rear seat passenger wearing seat belt. Products liability lawsuit against Toyota. Toyota claimed they met all safety standards.

Boating Collision, Trial, $3,310,000.00
Former Navy Seal swimming in lake struck by a recreational boat. Settled during trial. Partial loss of non-dominant hand, surgeries and related injuries. Defendant claimed plaintiff did not take reasonable precautions and placed himself in harms way.

School Incident, Mediated Settlement, $3,250,000.00
Student injured during recess. School denied any wrongdoing; argued that accident was spontaneous and unavoidable. Infant sustained paraparesis (partial paralysis affecting the lower limbs). Mediated for primary insurance policy and most of excess policy.

Wrongful Death, Verdict, $2,450,000.00
Mother while crossing street run over by a New York Times delivery truck. New York Times denied it was their truck, that a different truck ran over the woman. No direct eyewitness to incident.

Medical Negligence, Trial, $1,950,000.00
Father of seven struck by motor vehicle while using pay phone. Misdiagnosis by physician caused death of the plaintiff. Settlement reached just prior to summations for all but $50,000 of available monies.

Medical Negligence, Mediated Settlement, $1,250,000.00
Young woman had cosmetic surgery to correct congenital condition. She awoke with permanent loss of vision in one eye. Hospital and surgeon denied responsibility. Court-ordered mediation resulted in payment of all but $50,000 of available monies.

Motor Vehicle, Settlement, $1,000,000.00
Police officer directing traffic struck by motor vehicle. Officer resuscitated at hospital, suffered multiple injuries and several surgeries. Lien of $1,600,000 waived and officer’s lifetime workers’ compensation benefits maintained.

Construction Accident, Jury Selected, $926,000.00
Construction worker fell from unguarded scaffold. Fractured leg and foot. Defense denied fault and claimed plaintiff could work. Structured settlement exceeded $1 million.

Brain Disease, Trial, $701,500.00
Motor vehicle, hit in rear, back injury. Approximately 6 months afterward 54-year-old woman began experiencing seizures and other cognitive disorders. Defense doctor opinion brain injury was pre-existing. Settled during trial.

Motor Vehicle, Settlement, $650,000.00
Neck surgery. Intersection accident with question of lights. First medical treatment following day. Defense alleged aggravation of prior injury. Primary insurance policy exhausted; excess policy not disclosed, our investigation uncovered.

Pedestrian Incident, Mediated Settlement, $600,000.00
Pedestrian walking on shoulder, police reconstruction conclude he walked in front of vehicle. Instantly died. Pure economic claim. Defense put loss at slightly over $200.000.

Bedsore, Verdict, $435,000.00
Following kidney transplant, client developed bedsore. Hospital's defense was that while saving his life, the sore was unavoidable, and they properly cared for him. We disproved this.

Loss of Consortium, Arbitration Award, $375,000.00
Wife suffered serious personal injuries when struck by a motor vehicle. Following a hearing, the Arbitrator determined the husband's loss to be $375,000.00. Reduced by wife's comparative fault; net award $262,500.00.

Motor Vehicle, Settlement, $350,000.00
Back surgery. Defense position impact caused no damage to either vehicle. Plaintiff was under active treatment with a chiropractor, including a visit on the day of the accident. Primary insurance policy exhausted, excess policy contributed.

Burn of Toddler at Parents Home, $350,000.00
Child tipped stove over, hot liquid on burner. Stove was installed by company owned by grandfather of infant. Child’s father was an employee of the company. Defendant denied any wrongful conduct and disclaimed insurance coverage.

Nursing Home, $250,000.00, Settlement:
Senior citizen fell at nursing home. Fracture to leg. Facility claimed that resident was not a fall risk. We successfully argued fall preventions should have been in place.

Hospital and Nursing Home, $175,000.00, Settlement:
Terminally ill man with AIDS on life support, developed bed sores. Defense was that this could not be prevented and that he experienced no pain. Records indicated expressions of pain.

Dog Bite, $100,000.00, Eve of Trial:
Woman visiting friend bitten by dog. Friend and family claimed their dog had never bitten anyone before and their dog was not the culprit. The law does require a prior act, such as a bite, to win. Lower leg scar.

Bullying: 13-year-old Figure Skater With Olympic Dream Alleges School District’s Failure to Protect Him.
Featured on ABC television’s Good Morning America Show, hosted by Diane Sawyer. Segment included Olympic Gold Medalist Katarina Witt. Published in The New York Times Magazine, New York Post, and Gannett Newspapers.
Please note, prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

Over Medication, Settlement, $125,000.00
Resident of a municipal nursing home was chemically restrained for approximately one month. Spouse claimed his wife suffered immeasurably but recovered. Defense argued that the medication was consistent with accepted care. Upstate venue.

Bedsore, Settlement, $150,000.00
Patient acquired bedsore in hospital. Defense claimed that the wound was due to patients underlying cancer. One of the treating doctors confirmed this. We acquired case will motion to dismiss for commencing the case after the time to sue had expired. NYC venue.

Fall, Settlement, $240,000.00
Patient of nursing home fell and fractured femur. Lived for a few months afterwards. Fracture was not a cause of death. Defense claimed that the fall was unavoidable. NYC venue.

Amputation, Settlement, $300,000.00
Above knee amputation of senior citizen in a nursing home. Some bedsores. Defense argued that family refused proper care, such as a feeding tube, to prevent the loss. Client suffered from dementia. Passed few weeks after amputation. Hudson Valley venue.

Motor Vehicle, Eve of Trial, $453,250.00
Our client was struck in the rear by a municipal vehicle. Prior next and back injuries with surgeries. Injuries in this case were neck and back with surgeries. Defense hired nationally recognized experts to argue that the injuries were not related. Hudson Valley venue.