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Transportation and
Restraint Injuries

Rockland County Nursing Home Attorneys

Discuss Transportation and Restraint Injuries

Group homes, assisted living centers and nursing homes provide vital services to their residents. They provide a place to live, daily supervision and, for some, medical care.On occasion, residents may be transported to other locations.

Our lawyers understand the emotional, physical and financial hardships associated with shuttle bus, van or car accident injuries and improper use of restraints.

At Adams Law Firm, P.C., our Bronx county nursing home attorneys possess sophisticated experience handling auto accident cases and injuries resulting from improper restraints. We also recognize that residents are at the mercy of their facility’s driver, third-party drivers and staff who determine whether restraints are necessary.

Numerous Opportunities for Shuttle Bus or Car Accidents

Our elder care attorneys understand that residents of nursing homes, group homes and assisted living centers may experience a transportation accident at any time. Whether the accident is the fault of the center’s driver or a third-party driver, the injuries are still the same. Your loved one could sustain injuries on their way to any number of activities, including:

  • Doctor appointment
  • Hospital
  • Mall
  • Park
  • Ball game
  • Theater
  • Library
  • Group outing

Our legal team has extensive experience with New York’s no-fault insurance laws. We will evaluate the car accident from every angle to determine the best course of action. We can help you pursue suitable compensation for injuries sustained as the result of another person’s negligence. Our law firm is committed to protecting and promoting the rights of injured individuals.

Improper Use of Restraints

In some cases, physical restraints may be used during transportation or inside nursing homes to prevent slip and fall accidents or other injuries. However, extreme care must be taken, as improper use of restraints in transport or at the facility may constitute nursing home abuse and neglect. If a resident is left in restraints that are too tight or for a long period of time, serious personal injury may result.

The consequences from the improper use of restraints are severe and can be life-threatening: elderly individuals may suffer bruising, lacerations, internal bleeding, strangulation and death.

In-Depth Investigations By Elder Law Attorneys

As a leading personal injury law firm, we have extensive experience investigating injuries that occur during transport or as a result of improper restraints. We consult with industry experts to help determine and prove liability. Our investigators can interview witnesses, take photos of the accident and your loved one’s injuries. We also gather information from police reports and hospital records.

Our in-depth investigations can demonstrate to insurance companies and defendants the severe nature of your loved one’s injuries and the need for long-term medical care. Our goal is to ensure your loved one receives proper treatment for their injuries. We are also committed to pursuing appropriate compensation.

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