Coronavirus Deaths in Nursing Home Continue to Climb

Nursing homes in NY opened July 15 for in person visits

Senior citizens and other residents of Nursing Homes are most likely the largest segment of our society harmed and killed by Covid-19.

Coronavirus deaths in nursing homes continue to climb and are severely under-reported.

Had did this happen, how did this occur, and what is being done to stop the loss of life? Why is the corona virus wreaking havoc?

Reasons: Nursing homes were notoriously understaffed before the Pandemic. Without sufficient staff to care for and treat nursing home residents became near impossible. There are no reports of any facility hiring staff to care for their residents.

Now many of these dedicated men and women who care for nursing home residents have themselves contradicted the virus. This has led to a reduction in staffing levels across the industry. Many others, understandably, are not working due to concerns for their own families.

Family and friends, somewhat understandably, are barred from entering nursing homes. They are an important and integral component of care to residents. Family and friends advocate, are emotionally supportive, and provide hands on attention

Being at an advanced age, possibly suffering from an underlying medical condition, coupled with limited access to visitors is a recipe for disaster. And that is exactly what has occurred. Poor preparation, lack of oversight and profits over people has come home to roost.

Tragic stories are being reported throughout the Country. Initially reported was an assisted living center in Washington State. Followed by mass deaths in Virginia (where more than 25% of residents have died), Florida (a facility of military veterans was ravaged), Indiana, Kansas (over 100 residents and workers infected at one facility), Maryland (one facility had 24 deaths), Massachusetts, New York, and Oregon.

Most recently, a nursing home in New Jersey was grotesquely piling bodies in an improper onsite morgue. This is but one poignant story. Sadly, more will follow.

Unfortunately (and as usual) The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has tardily issued recommendations (not rules or guidelines) suggesting that Nursing Homes separate residents who have tested posted from those who have not. (Of course, this assumes that testing is timely and available.) While some health advocates have voiced support for this measure, thus fare the White House remains silent.

Speaking directly about Nursing Homes, Betsy McCaughey, a former lieutenant governor of New York who founded the Committee to Reduce Infection Deaths, an education campaign aimed at stopping hospital-acquired infections said, “They’re death pits. These nursing homes are already overwhelmed. They’re crowded and they’re understaffed. One Covid-positive patient in a nursing home produces carnage.”

As of April 19, 2020, more than 7,000 lives have been prematurely taken in nursing homes. Adding insult to harm, the true number killed will never be known as those who die in the facility are not tested. Without testing the true numbers will never be known.

More than 4,100 long term care (nursing homes, assisted living facilities and other long-term care centers) in 39 states continue to report escalations in the number of infections and suspected deaths due to the coronavirus. Nearly every facility in New Jersey has reported an infection.

Nursing Home Advocates

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