Understanding Ride Share Accidents

Uber, since 2009, and Lyft, since 2015 are companies that provide transportation services at rates often lower than traditional livery companies. If injured by one of these services, the rules that apply must be followed.

First, contact the police and request that they take a report, identify witnesses, document (i.e. ; obtain appropriate medical attention as soon as possible. Anyone who is in any type of vehicle accident should call the police immediately. A police report is an official document that is relied upon by courts. As versions often change over time, the sooner done the better.

In addition to the more common causes of crashes, such as the classic “hit in the rear”, these sharing services are more commonly involved in crashes caused by:

  • The driver being “distracted” due to texting or reading a map
  • The driver being tired from long and arduous hours
  • Irresponsible drivers
  • Unfamiliarity with an area
  • An unsafe vehicle

By law, these vehicles must be insured. The amount of coverage may vary depending upon the circumstances of a collision. For example, whether the driver “working” or on his/her “own time”, will significantly affect the amount of available coverage. Coverage may be as high as $1,000,000.00 or as little as $25,000.00.

Whether the driver was logged into Uber, accepted a passenger referral, was with a passenger may all provide different coverages. It is important that your lawyer find this out as soon as possible.

In other words, if you suffered injuries in an accident involving an Uber car, it is important to

A driver of a ride service involved in a collision should immediately contact their insurance. As this is a new area of law, the rules continue to evolve. Please do not delay speaking with your legal representative.

Remember: If you have been injured in a crash that involves an Uber / Lyft, other ride sharing service, or even a taxi, bus, or other form of mass transit, think safety first. Obtain appropriate medical attention without delay. Let first responders know you have been injured or are just not feeling right, to the names and contact information of drivers and witnesses, use your cellphone to take photos, and let your insurance company know about the collision.

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