Understanding Car Accidents

At Adams Law Firm, P.C., our Bronx county injury attorneys possess sophisticated knowledge of New York’s no-fault regulations. This is the law that initially pays your bills, lost wages, and other accident related expenses.

We also understand the severe physical and financial hardships associated when personal injury occurs. Depending on your situation, you may face expensive medical bills, lost wages, and use of a car. We are committed to obtaining full, fair and complete recoveries for our clients.

Extensive Representation

Our legal team provides extensive, comprehensive personal injury representation. We never back down from insurance companies or defendants in our pursuit of justice. We provide diligent, effective guidance across a wide range of accidents involving:

  • Cars/SUVs
  • Buses (county, city, or commuter)
  • Trucks (semis, 18-wheelers)
  • Motorcycles
  • Pedestrians or bicycles
  • Hit and run
  • Wrongful death

Our Rockland County car accident attorneys also understand the limitations imposed by no-fault regulations. As a former insurance defense lawyer, Mr. Adams understands the insurance industry backward and forward. He can anticipate insurance company tactics and tailor his representation to your unique needs.

Remember: you should not feel intimidated by insurance companies if you are entitled to justice

Case Focus: Carolyn & Jack

Mother and son were on their way home from dropping husband/father off at Newark Airport, when their vehicle was rear-ended in “stop and go” traffic. Police arrived at the scene, and mom denied any injury. That evening she took her son to a local emergency room, as he was complaining of some discomfort.

This incident occurred on a Friday. The following Monday Carolyn called her internist and made an appointment to see her the following day. She told her doctor about the collision and complained of some lower back pain. Her doctor told her to take a few weeks off from work and to return if needed.

Several months later, Carolyn started to simply forget tasks and was having difficulty expressing herself. Shortly after that she went into a catatonic state and was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome. This condition typically attacks someone half of Carolyn’s age. Carolyn never recovered from the illness.

Our expert neurologist, who was one of Carolyn’s treating physicians, after reviewing available medical literature believed the trauma from the collision activated a dormant condition in her brain.

The defense retained a nationally recognized expert in the field of multiple sclerosis who opined that the condition was not related at all to the collision. This opinion entirely called into question our entire case an analysis. It was buttressed by the fact that there had never been a diagnosed case of trauma induced Guillain-Barré.

After a 3-day jury selection the case was settled. The husband of our client did not want to endure the uncertain of trial and wanted to have closure of this chapter of their marriage.

Maximum Coverage

At Adams Law Firm, P.C., we strive to maximize your insurance coverage. We pursue underinsured and uninsured policies. We also investigate your accident to see if the liable party was within the scope of their employment when they caused the accident. If so, we can also pursue their employer’s insurance coverage. We do our best to uncover every possible avenue for our clients.

Broad Injuries

In New York and New Jersey, car and truck accident victims must prove they received a threshold or qualifying injury in order to pursue a legal claim. As a dedicated personal injury law firm, our legal team understands this limitation. We can evaluate your case from every angle and consult with medical experts to determine the best course of action.

Our law practice has represented clients with countless types of threshold injuries. Our experience extends to serious injuries typically suffered as the result of car, pedestrian or bike accidents, including:

  • Neck and back conditions
  • Knees
  • Shoulders
  • Extremities
  • Internal organs
  • Broken bones

Remember: without the guidance of an experienced injury attorney, you may not be getting the maximum compensation you deserve

Case Focus: Kimi

While driving to work one morning following her normal route, our client (“Kimi”) was impacted by a police cruiser. Our client was driving north, and the police officer was driving east. It was a 4-way intersection.

Other police officers responded to the scene and a report was written placing full blame on Kimi. This determination was supported in large measure by a witness who claimed that Kimi disregarded a solid red light and that the police officer had a solid green light.

The police officer was deposed and said that she was following all safety rules when Kimi simply pulled into her lane of travel. The “independent” witness testified that he had a full vintage point, and that Kimi simply disregarded a solid red light.

Something simply did not add up. The case proceeded to trial. The judge was hostile, and the defense team was unyielding in their denial of responsibility.

What didn’t add up is that through my own forensic investigation I was able to learn that this witness was an aspiring police officer and had become a police officer by the time the case reached trial. At trial I was able to demonstrate that is calculations, perspective, and opinion should be questioned.

Fortunately, the jury agreed and found that the majority of responsibility for this crash was that of the police officer. The case then settled for a confidential number in the mid 5-figures, and our client was vindicated.

Thorough Case Preparation

We have dedicated our law practice to protecting the rights of personal injury victims. Our law firm is known throughout the New York legal community and insurance industry for our strong case preparation. We prepare every case for trial from day one. We consult with medical and financial experts, review police reports and gather witness statements. Our thorough case preparation can illustrate the serious nature of your injuries and financial outlook. Our diligent approach to litigation helps us secure appropriate settlements and verdicts.

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