Understanding Fall Accidents

Nursing homes are obligated to provide a specific standard of care for their residents. This standard of care extends to providing appropriate measures for preventing falls. Bones become brittle, medication can affect you. People slip and fall. We understand that. So should your facility. They have a responsibility to remove obstacles, provide railings and eliminate other hazards.

We recognize the prevalence of nursing home injuries from falls. Insufficient training and staffing are often the most common causes of preventable situations. Improper staffing and training is negligence. The consequences of nursing home abuse can be fatal.

There are several factors that can lead to a fall:

  • Improper bed rails or restraints
  • Negligent floor maintenance
  • Insufficient chair padding for unstable residents
  • Failure to respond to alarms
  • Malnutrition and dehydration

We also understand the devastating effects an injury may cause. A wide range of severe or permanent conditions can include:

  • Internal bleeding
  • Broken Bones
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord trauma

Perhaps more than half of all nursing home residents experience a fall at some point during their stay. Whether they fall in their room, bathroom or the hallway is not the issue. Care homes are obligated to minimize the risk of falling in their facility.

Remember: with proper levels of staffing and appropriate training, most falls are preventable.

Case Focus: Uma

Our client became a resident of an assisted living facility because she had several falls at home and her family was concerned for her safety and well-being. She also had begun experiencing episodes of “forgetfulness”.

Several months later Uma was knocked to the ground by another resident who hit her from behind.

At the hospital she was treated for a lip laceration and bruising. A diagnostic test showed a small hemorrhage in her head was found. No surgery was performed. After several days she returned to the facility.

Complaints of dizziness continued, and her family had her transferred to another facility out of state. She remained at the new facility until her death several months later due to unrelated circumstances.

Our position was that Uma was not properly monitored and that the assaulting resident should not have been unsupervised. The case settled at a mediation within one year of the incident. This saved all sides stress, agitation, and money.

Settlement: $200,000.00

Diligent Case Work

We are experienced in dealing with nursing home abuse and neglect, especially when it leads to your loved one suffering a serious injury due to a slip or fall. 

At Adams Law Firm, P.C., we understand that nursing home neglect or abuse can be difficult to pursue, as residents may be too scared to report it or too ill to notice it. Our dedicated lawyers conduct thorough background work to help determine and prove physical, mental and emotional abuse.

We interview witnesses, including residents, family members and employees. We also consult with investigators and other experts, such as psychologists, psychiatrists and physicians. Their expert testimony can help illustrate the serious consequences of their treatment and prove liability. Additionally, we dig into the nursing home’s background to uncover other instances of abuse and showcase a pattern of neglect.

Attorneys with Adams Law Firm, P.C. understand the tough decision you had to make in order to place a loved one in a nursing home. You likely toured several facilities, asked countless questions and believed you selected the right home for your loved one.

Nursing homes are obligated to provide a specific standard of care and quality of life to their residents. Unfortunately, several factors including poor staffing, lax supervision and carelessness can all lead to senior citizen abuse and injuries.

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