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Inadequate Staffing in Nursing Homes Continues

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Inadequate Staffing in Nursing Homes Continues

Substandard care and insufficient staffing are widespread and serious problems that have been much in the news lately.
The nursing home industry has complained for decades that facilities just don’t get enough money to hire more staff and that basic safety standards are too “burdensome.” But why do facilities take in new residents if they can’t – or won’t – hire sufficient staff? Why do companies buy and operate facilities if they are not committed to at least meeting (if not exceeding) the standards of care which they are paid to provide? If regulation and enforcement are really so burdensome, why do so many nursing homes have violations year after year after year?
In the Elder Justice Newsletter, we highlight citations, including deficiencies related to abuse, neglect and substandard care, that have been identified as not causing any resident harm. The goal of this brief newsletter is to shed light on the issue of so-called “no harm” deficiencies, which typically result in no fine or penalty. Do YOU think these deficiencies caused “no harm”?
If you believe that nursing homes should be held accountable for substandard care, please take a moment to visit our Action Alert Center and send a free message to your political leaders - it CAN make a difference! If you would like to join our news alert list, or have any questions, please email [email protected].