The Best Way to Keep Nursing Home Residents Safe From Preventable Harm and Abuse

(or How to Keep People Safe!)

Harm, abuse, and neglect happen all too frequently in nursing homes.  Why does it occur with such regularity?  Are injuries in nursing homes acceptable as we age and become vulnerable?

The simplest and easiest solution and remedy has routinely been ignored.  3 key factors cannot be ignored or downplayed:

  • The simplest, most direct, and common-sense solution is to train, educate, and pay staff a fair, reasonable, and commensurate wage for the work they do;
  • There is a straight line from inadequate staffing levels to harm, abuse, and neglect; and
  • Enforcement, oversight, and personal injury lawsuits are the only proven and effective means to protect the residents of nursing homes.

The number one reason people leave a job is due to pay, followed closely by no opportunity for advancement and not being appreciated.  Among the many reasons why nursing home professionals are leaving the profession are burn out, mental health, and lack of appreciation.  These are easily corrected problems.  Not surprisingly, post-Pandemic this is only getting worse.

A grim and sad fact is that upwards of 75% of all nursing homes in New York State fail to meet minimum staffing levels.

•  Why does chronic understaffing occur?

•  Is there an easy fix to eliminate it?

•  When will resident safety come first?

Of course, for every position there is a countervailing argument.  Let us lay forth that of the owners and operators.  (Or what we would expect their pushback to be.)  We, the owners and operators, have always tried to have sufficiently trained staff.  Due to the nature of the job, there has always been a high burnout rate in the industry.  Caring for someone in need is a demanding.  There is a dearth of good people to hire.  We are the aides of last resort.  Following the Pandemic, the labor market many qualified people have left the industry and the pool of applicants is low.

Pick your superlative, but this is pure malarkey.

For far too long, far too many nursing home operators failed to address the needs of good and acceptable nursing home staff.  Certain operators have been held accountable for this.  Unfortunately, far too many have not been held accountable and we fear this is likely to get worse in the near future.

Nursing homes make money.  Yet base pay in the industry remains low, and those who are deserving of higher wages are typically told “we don’t have the money in our budget”.  Hopefully, there is some hope on the horizon.

We understand that caring for people in nursing homes is hard work.  But it is meaningful, rewarding, and deserving of higher pay.  Recognize them, acknowledge them, keep them happy!

And as we established above, paying people for their dedication is the best way to maintain qualified staff, and not paying a fair wage is the best way to lose qualified and dedicated people.

Labor shortages and the pandemic are convenient excuses.  The current situation in nursing homes is not a consequence of the moment, as these conditions have existed since well before today’s challenges.  While the current state of affairs may make it more difficult, it’s long overdue to address this issue.

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