Preventable Injury, Loss of Dignity and Premature Death Too Often Forsaken at Nursing Homes

Preventable Injury, loss of dignity and premature death are too often forsaken at Nursing Homes. The culprit, most often: corporate greed taking priority over appropriate and necessary resident safety. The cure: requiring operators to spend necessary sums on hiring qualified and proper training.

Too many nursing home operators fail to spend reasonable sums to hire qualified staff and fail to provide the resources to properly train staff. Study after study confirms that the primary cause of preventable harm is staffing deficiencies.

Why don’t Nursing Homes spend money? Regrettably, it is as simple as profits over people. With little fear of government reprisal, such as criminal accountability and financial penalties, nursing home operate with impunity. This fact is beyond retort. Study after credible study proves this fact.

The victims; our senior citizens and those members of society most vulnerable. One way that we can protect nursing home residents is through the courts. Lawsuits matter. They send a powerful message to corporate America – it is not ok to harm; we will hold you accountable.

Lawsuits matter. This undeniable fact is validated by the repugnant sums of money that special interest groups spend to eliminate and curtail your right to sue. Should this occur, they will have even less incentive to face accountability harm.

Speak and be heard. Your voice matters. Tell them that safety comes first.

Corporate lobbyists and parents aligned with Nursing homes always seem to argue that lawsuits raise insurance costs. This is false and easy to disprove. Safe conduct always costs far less than the cost to care and treat someone needlessly injured. Preventable health care costs all consumers and taxpayers less.

The unfortunate irony is that the health care industry profits from treating those needlessly harmed. Fact: health care profits surged in 2019. Forecasted are for more of the same in 2020.

Most health care companies are immune from the trade war, and if history be a judge, which it usually is, Washington is not going to impose any cost controls.

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