Local Guide to Identifying and Addressing Nursing Home Abuse in Hudson Valley, NY

What to Look for and What to Do Should You Suspect Nursing Home Abuse

One of the most common and recurring problems in nursing homes is resident abuse.  This occurs all too often and is never acceptable.  This serious problem affects our most vulnerable citizens and is the cause of preventable physical and emotional injury.

Physical Abuse in Hudson Valley, NY

The most recognizable form of abuse is physical abuse. A blemish, mark or abrasion is often visible to the naked eye.  However, equally upsetting, and harmful are other forms of abuse. Often less obvious, is mental abuse and emotional abuse.  Both are equally venal and completely offensive.

Obvious types of physical abuse include unwanted physical contact, such as unwanted touch, hitting, and slapping.  Physical restraint is another form of this abuse.  Signs of this are bruises, marks around the waist, wrists, or ankles, flinching by the resident, noticeable changes in behavior.  All types of physical abuse can cause injury and emotional harm, and all are inappropriate.

Mental Abuse

Mental abuse may not be as apparent. Mental abuse can be as cruel as withholding food or water, denying privileges or interaction with other residents, taunting, or threatening gestures, keeping someone in soiled clothing, not changing bed linens, and withholding bathroom visits.  This is cruel and inexcusable, and equally unacceptable to those in nursing homes.

Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse includes yelling, threats, fear mongering and insults. Taunting and teasing can have profound effects and seriously impact mental health and well-being.  Signs of this type of abuse include changes in personality and behavior, a depressed attitude, or withdrawal from social interaction or activities.

We all understand that caring for those in need can be challenging, difficult and (trying on patience).  We also know that caring for those in need is rewarding, satisfying and (g-ds work).  Why does it occur and how to prevent it from occurring?

Warning Signs That Abuse May Occur

Warning signs of the potential for abuse may include an environment that appears overly harried or chaotic.  The inability to find staff or staff that are unable to address your concerns. A lack of supervision. Less apparent is hiring the wrong staff, not properly educating or training staff, management that is off-site or indifferent, repetitive, or recurring complaints.  All of these can suggest or portend an environment that is (conducive) to abuse.

Be aware of risk facts and act if you suspect abuse.

What Should You Do If You Suspect Abuse

Should you suspect that your loved one is the brunt of abuse? Don’t delay.  Preserve the evidence. This includes photographs of the subject body parts, document and make a record, and report the suspected abuse to the Administrator of the nursing home.

Most importantly, contact an attorney who specializes in nursing home abuse, harm, and neglect matters. 

Your Actions Matter

In fact, just yesterday, March 16, 2023, two nursing home attendants were arrested for them whipping an elderly resident. 

In 2020 there were more than 15,000 complaints of abuse or neglect in nursing homes. 

Your actions help prevent future cases of abuse, harm, and neglect. Holding bad nursing home operators accountable in court tells has been proven to be highly effective is sending a strong and powerful message.  Resident safety matters. Have proper staffing matters. Paying fair and reasonable wages matter.  Oversight matters.

Advocate for resident rights and dignity!

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