The Lingual Nerve and Lingual Nerve Injuries

What is the lingual nerve?

The lingual nerve is a sensory nerve imbedded in your Jaw. It is a major nerve that supplies feeling to floor of your mouth and the front two-thirds of the tongue.  It also allows taste signals between the tongue and the brain, and gum tissue.

How does a lingual nerve injury occur?

A lingual nerve injury is usually caused by a dental surgeon during surgery, such as the removal of wisdom teeth, or other dental procedure.  It is often the result of a dental error. There are other causes of a lingual nerve injury where the dental expert used best efforts and the injury occurred anyway.  This could be due to infection or disease.

Does a lingual nerve injury cause pain?

Yes, a lingual nerve injury can cause serious pain. Additionally, it can result in other significant problems such as a loss of sensation or numbness in the tongue, loss of taste, difficulty speaking, a burning sensation, and even drooling.

What should I do if have a lingual nerve injury?

As it can significantly affect the quality of your life, you should Immediately seek appropriate medical attention. Medical attention can try to treat this condition. The sooner you act the better your chances of improvement and hopefully recovery.

Should I speak with an attorney?

Yes. You may be entitled to significant monetary compensation for your pain and suffering. An attorney can also assist with bills, wages, and other losses such as financial compensation.

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